Meticulous Discovery and Physical Reconstruction of Accident Scene Exonerate Summer Camp

November 2010

While plaintiff, a minor, was attending summer camp, he dove head first into shallow water and became paralyzed. This difficult case demonstrates how critical it is to provide the jury with a clear and logical presentation of the fact.

Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy, P.C. was retained to try this case on behalf of the camp virtually on the eve of trial. Prior counsel had not retained experts. The plaintiffs, meanwhile, had lined up experts on several disciplines related to the standards of swimming and lifesaving. Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy, P.C.  successfully defended the case cross-examining the plaintiffs’ experts and relying upon important fact testimony of camp personnel and campers.

In order to help everyone understand the case, Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy, P.C.  constructed a scale model of the beachfront, complete with the exact locations of where people were standing and looking at the time of the accident. This model was used with fact witnesses to prove that there were, in fact, enough lifeguards and supervisors at the beach that day and the jury found in favor of the camp.