Business and Commercial Litigation

The Campbell Conroy & O'Neil, P.C. commercial litigation team represents institutions and individuals in various types of lawsuits affecting corporations, partnerships, associations, proprietorships and the business they conduct. In this area, the cases we undertake have involved exposure figures in the millions of dollars and include the defense of national class action suits.

We have extensive experience in handling traditional lawsuits and arbitrations brought under federal and state laws, and represent creditors in all state and federal trial courts including the Land Court, Probate Court, and Bankruptcy Court, as well as appellate courts.

Our commercial litigation team works closely with corporations and their inside counsel to defend the conduct of their corporations and their officials, and to pursue damage claims on behalf of injured corporations. In litigating commercial cases, we have noted that an increasing number involve either arbitration or mediation. The parties engage in limited, targeted discovery that leads to arbitration or mediation in order to resolve the dispute. In the interest of our clients, our commercial litigation team specifically seeks to enforce arbitration clauses in contracts as an efficient and cost effective alternative to expensive, drawn-out litigation.

Our lawyers are experts in electronic discovery protocols in commercial cases. In the ever-evolving world of e-discovery, our lawyers are constantly developing and evaluating strategies to maximize effectiveness and contain costs without sacrificing quality or increasing legal risks or potential court sanctions.

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