In an increasingly complex world, retailers face a myriad of legal problems that affect their bottom line. Whether the matter involves loss prevention, disputes with suppliers, regulatory compliance, product recall issues, duties owed to customers, or any of the other legal problems that retailers routinely encounter, our lawyers have the experience necessary to help them stay on top.

Lawyers at Campbell Conroy & O’Neil, P.C. have years of experience handling the types of problems retailers experience. Accordingly, they know how to solve them competently and efficiently. When one of our national retail clients faced potential catastrophic losses from sales of a defective product, we successfully coordinated with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to help our client avoid any penalties, and we worked with our client to develop a comprehensive product recall campaign to manage the risk. When another national retail client was sued in bankruptcy court by a supplier claiming that it had gone bankrupt because of our client’s alleged failure to properly merchandize the supplier’s product, we tried the case, winning a defense verdict for our client and a damage award against the supplier. Our lawyers have represented retailers in contract disputes, against premises liability claims, product liability actions, false imprisonment claims, loss prevention matters, real estate/leasing matters and in most other types of litigation that retailers will experience.

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